One of the main annoyances experienced by most people who have purchased an FTO is the distinct lack of information relating to parts (both genuine and aftermarket). Although the information is out there, you tend to have to find the right place to go to or the right person to ask. This frustration has led to the development of the Complete FTO site. Complete FTO brings together all the disparate information that not only exists on the web and in the workshops, but also inside people's heads.

Whats New - Lots of Parts

I have wrecked around 15 FTO's now,so have a shed full of bits and pieces. Mostly genuine, but get a little aftermarket stuff from time to time. The store (http://completefto.openstores.com.au/) is still valid, but im finding that I don't get the time to keep it up to date. There are more parts listed here (http://www.completefto.com.au/CompleteFTO.asp?hid=302)., but I have many more parts than I have listed. Contact me at completefto@gmail.com if you need something.

I also have the ability to buy off Yahoo Japan (A bit like Ebay here in Australia) and other Japanese auction sites.I can also source genuine parts direct from Mitsubishi Japan (often at much reduced prices).

I can also now supply a number of bodykit parts:

  • TS Factory front bars
  • Vortex Rear Bars
  • D Cuatro sideskirts
  • Vented Fenders

Vortex Rear Bar TS Factory Bar Fenders

If you've got something in particular you need, or something you want, email me at completefto@gmail.com and I'll do my best to help.

What is Complete FTO

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